Learn The Benefits Of Having Your AC Company Do Annual Inspections


Did you know that each year without maintenance or inspection could result in losing up to 5% of your AC units efficiency? With proper maintenance you could save up to 25% on your energy bill each year.

The only time people normally notice an issue with their AC is when there is a problem. AC units that don’t receive annual inspections and maintenance are prone to drips, leaks and unexpected breakdowns. By having your AC annually inspected you are increasing the life of your AC, improving the efficiency of your unit, reducing energy bills and improving indoor air quality.

The best time to have your AC inspected is generally spring and fall, before harsh temperature changes. This will lessen the chance of a breakdown during the extreme heat of the summer or cold of the winter.  

There are also a few DIY tasks that will help maintain your unit running properly between visits from your AC company.

  • Make sure the outside unit is kept clean
  • Remove any debris from around the outside unit
  • Keep branches or other foliage growing around the outside unit trimmed back about 2 feet from the unit.
  • Change or clean the air filter monthly


Keep your home comfortable and your AC running smoothly. Annual maintenance is a must!