How to Choose the Best AC for Your Home’s Needs

Finding the perfect air conditioner for your home sounds like a no-brainer. Just pick one that fits into your window, right? Wrong! There is a lot more that goes into choosing the AC unit that is going to work just right for you. You could just go with the first one you see but this can actually cause problems for you by not working as efficiently as it could be or working too hard and burning certain components out.

Size of the Air Conditioner

The first thing to consider is the size of the air conditioner you need. This is one of the most important things you need to figure out when buying an AC unit and it directly correlates to the size of the room that you are trying to cool. Most people will buy an air conditioner that is much too big because they think that the bigger the AC is the better it will cool the room. This is not true, however, and it can make the unit work less efficiently while eating up more energy in the process.

Humidity Factors

Air conditioners cool a room while simultaneously removing humidity. If the unit is too large it will cool a room quickly but it will not be able to remove the humidity which will leave the room with a clammy, moist feeling and can cause mold growth.

 Proper Voltage

You will also have to consider the voltage that your house can handle without causing a short or an outage. An average house has a 115 volt branch circuit and an AC unit will take anywhere from 115 to 230 volts to run them. It is always best to know before you purchase and install your air conditioning unit.

Features of the AC

After you have figured out these main concerns, you can choose an air conditioner based on your personal preferences and lifestyle. Some helpful features that you may not think of while shopping but will definitely appreciate later on down the road are easy-to-clean filters, a digital thermometer readout, buttons that are set out logically, and a built in timer. These things will all just make running and maintaining your air conditioning unit much easier.

The main things to remember are room size and voltage because those are the two things that are going to impact the way that your AC unit works the most. The other things could be worked around and are simply bells and whistles. If you follow these simple guidelines finding an air conditioning unit that works perfectly shouldn’t be too hard on you. Contact the experts from Brian’s Heating & Cooling for all of your AC Installation needs in Round Rock, TX and the surrounding areas.