How Installation Quality Will Affect The AC’s Efficiency


The last thing you want is to get your new air conditioning unit installed just to find that it won’t work efficiently. There are many reasons that an AC unit may not work as well as you want it to and one of the reasons may surprise you! If your air conditioning unit is not installed properly it will not work properly. When the manufacturer tests their units, they test it under the perfect conditions meaning they have the perfect sized rooms, the right size ducts, and it is installed perfectly.

While professional installations can cost a lot of money, they will actually save you a ton of money in the long run. An air conditioning unit that isn’t functioning properly will waste a ton of energy and will not be doing anything for you!

One of the biggest things you need to make sure is correct as far as the installation goes is that your unit is the right size. Approximately 75% of all incorrectly installed AC units are due to the incorrect size unit. It is actually better to have an air conditioning unit that is too small than one that is too big. A unit that is too big is simply going to wear out quickly and eat up a lot of extra power.  

Luckily, when you hire a professional AC Company, they have all the right tools to measure and select the right unit for your home and your area. They take into account all the different factors that work together to decide the best air conditioner and they know how to install it perfectly.

Ductwork is another crucial part of proper AC installation and there is a software that determines which unit is best based on the existing ductwork. Ducts that are too small can cause excessive noise, whereas ducts that are too large they can’t facilitate the airflow that they are supposed to. The AC professional will also have to take a look and determine if the ducts are good enough quality to withstand having an air conditioning unit.

Both ductwork and the size of the unit will affect airflow. What we’re talking about here is airflow across the compressor coils which needs to meet the manufacturer’s standards or else you will run into a plethora of problems. If the unit is constantly overheating it is not going to function properly and it will break down over time

The last thing that you need to ensure that your AC unit is going to function properly is refrigerant levels. The refrigerant levels must match those of the manufacturer’s in order for the unit to be working properly and at its best.

Whether you are installing your unit at work, at home, or anywhere in between, you will want it to be working its best for you during those sweltering summer months. Having it installed correctly the first time makes it much less of a hassle to have to deal with. Other things may affect the longevity of you unit such as proper maintenance and repair but it is safe to say that the biggest factor is having proper installation.